Keeping it crispy!

It all started off very traditional – founded in 1897 as a bakery with a passion for high-quality biscuits and sweets.
And this dedication to our craft hasn’t waned one bit over the years. But we have also grown and evolved into a true baking innovator, producing exquisite new creations and special recipes.

Our range extends from popular biscuit classics to unbelievably delicious muesli bars. We’ve got something for every age group.

What will it be?

Crisp, traditional shortbread biscuits or XL cookies? A hearty, healthy snack or children’s biscuits in whimsical shapes? How about top organic quality? With or without sugar – and maybe even vegan? Absolutely! We can meet even the most demanding requirements – let us show you what’s possible!

Something a bit different!

We love developing completely new products.
New recipes with unusual ingredients, special flavours, an ever growing variety of shapes – we love it all.
At Parlasca, we’ve even tried biscuits with insect protein!
Don’t hesitate to ask us what’s possible!