We make brands.


Our purely delicious biscuits are made with only 5 ingredients – and a lot of love. We also use only carefully selected flours and sunflower oil from controlled sources, which we think comes out in the taste. We hope you enjoy our delicious organic biscuits – irresistible taste with a heart of gold! We use only organic, vegan ingredients. In addition to wheat flour, raw cane sugar, sunflower oil and sea salt, we add only one other flavour to the dough, such as desiccated coconut, cocoa powder, oat flakes or lemon oil.

Sesame Street

Children of all ages know and love Sesame Street. That’s why we’re honoured to be baking on behalf of Cookie Monster – and with our typical dedication to unrivalled organic quality. We’ve held back on the sugar, because we don’t want them just to taste good – we want them to be good for you, too. So go ahead, snack away! .


We also offer a number of fine, traditional biscuits under own name, Parlasca. In fact, they’re quite well known around these parts. So the next time you find a tasty biscuit next to your coffee, ask who it’s from – there’s a good chance it’s one of ours! Deliciously understated – that’s just who we are.