We like baking for others.

Our wholesome and delicious treats can be found on plates all over the country – turning everyday moments into exceptional ones. Most of the time, those lucky enough to eat one don’t even know it’s a Parlasca biscuit, because it doesn’t always say Parlasca on the tin. So the next time you’re enjoying a really great biscuit, it might just have been lovingly baked in one of our ovens.

Try something

You’ve probably already heard us raving about our passion for developing new products. It just happens to be true.
Unusual products with even more unusual ingredients – or familiar products made even more delicious? Count us in.
Really! We look forward to every new challenge, and we love seeing our partners succeed. Because their success is our success.

We are certified.

Our organic biscuits are made with passion from certified organically grown ingredients. We are proud to meet the highest international food production standard: International Featured Standard Food (IFS Food). Over 300 aspects are regularly checked in unannounced audits to guarantee that we offer not only first-class products, but also transparent and safe manufacturing processes. Quality you can taste and see.